beef and bacon pie revisited

It was just last month that I made my first beef and bacon pie from the Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook, but I couldn’t wait to try a variant on the same recipe, using dried fruit instead of root vegetables.

This recipe is comes from a 16th century cookbook and starts with frying up some bacon before adding the other ingredients to the pan. But how can you say no to the bacon lattice from the previous pie?

So, step one: cross-cross 12 strips of bacon into a square the cook for about 20 minutes or until slightly crispy.

While that’s baking, mix your dried fruit–chopped prunes, dates, and raisins.

beef bacon pie-01

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laziest curling technique ever

I’ve been growing out my hair for a few years now, and it’s definitely gotten long! Time to try all those fancy braids I’ve got pinned, right?

Nope. Not enough patience, not enough time.

On the days that I do have the time, I’ll curl it a bit, and the results are pretty awesome.

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the outtakes

We had so many photos! The photographer’s! The bridesmaids’! My mom’s! Mine!

I wanted to share a few that didn’t make it into the “official” photobook, which no I still haven’t put online in its entirety:

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beef and bacon pie

We’ve been enjoying watching Game of Thrones with our friends Jennifer and Avi every Sunday–well, I say enjoying, but I’m talking more about the company than the show. This season’s been rough. I have complicated feels about it.

But back to the fun part, we’ve been serving various treats to nosh on while watching and only towards the end of the season did I remember “oh right I have a Game of Thrones cookbook!” and made something for that the four of us could share for dinner.

I chose the Beef and Bacon Pie. Because all of the words in the name of the dish sound amazing.

What I like about this book is that they have a “Medieval” and a “Modern” version of most dishes. In this case I went for the modern pie, but I would like to try out the medieval sometime as well–it used dried fruits in place of vegetables to make a sweeter pie than the modern one which is essentially a beef pot pie.

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sean’s 39th

Sean’s birthday was last Friday, and we hadn’t really thought about doing anything special. But I love any excuse for a cocktail party, so once we saw that our schedules were clear, the conversation went something like this:

(Wednesday evening)
me: Hey do you want to do something for your birthday after all?
him: Yeah, let’s invite some people over.

And then bam!  A party was planned. Time to make cupcakes.

Sean loves chai tea, so I tried a new recipe I’d found for chocolate chai cupcakes. Delicious.

chocolate chai cake-01

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the flowers

I went about choosing my flowers out of order. What I should have done was see what flowers would be in season at the time of the wedding, and then look at Pinterest for ideas. But instead I looked around on Pinterest forever until I found flowers I thought were pretty. My future mother-in-law was taking care of all the flowers, so I showed her the photos of what I liked and she went to the florist she was working with and came back to me with the bad news that not everything was in season, and they’d have to special order peonies.

But it was too late because I had my heart set on peonies for the bouquet, and only after doing some research later did I learn that there were plenty of alternative look-alikes (Cabbage Roses or Juliet Roses, for example) that may have been easier to get. But the MIL said she’d take care of it and boy did she!

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pi day 2015

This year we had not one but two Pi Day celebrations. Both Sean and I were bringing in pies on March 13th for staff events, and then we had a Pathfinder Pi Day that Saturday (on Pi Day proper).

Which mean that on the night of the 12th, we made 3 pies in 2 hours.

First up was a grapefruit pie. As per usual I tried out a new recipe so had no idea how it would turn out.

But first, I dug out the numbers that I’d used on the mini pies from last year

cut out letters

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