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christmas party!

March 3, 2014

You saw a peek of the apartment all dressed up for Halloween (more photos on Flickr), and I really wish I had taken more of our Christmas decor. Because I am all about the mini trees. I am not even joking.

So many that I ran out of space in front of the fireplace!

And then of course Sean’s mother gave me two more, which I’m saving for next year.

We’ve decided to order a tree next Christmas — a big white retro one! I will have to show constraint and not put out all the mini trees. Unless I want to make a Christmas forest. Hmm…

Back to the rest of the apartment. I took inspiration from this idea on Oh Happy Day and my continuing tree obsession to make these lovely hanging decorations.

The best part is that they stack up neatly and can be re-used next year!

My favorite decoration was, yes, another tree. But bear with me here, because this was really sweet.

It’s a photo tree! I picked up this fabric from IKEA last year. We stapled the top to a large dowel, and attached that to our bare dining room wall (not bare anymore — stay tuned for that post!). We put it up after Thanksgiving and added photos any time someone came over. By the end of the month, the tree was full!

When it was time to take it down, I gave many of the pictures back to people. Then we rolled up the tree and stuck it in the closet until next year!

The camera we used, if you’re wondering, is an Instax Mini 25. Why did I pick this over other Fujifilm/Instamax cameras? Because it has a little mirror next to the lens, for selfies!

We had quite a spread for our holiday party, but I was especially proud of my food wreath. I didn’t even get the chance to take a picture of it before it get being devoured.

Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest, and yes, there weren’t even any real instructions! I gotta brag about this one, it looks just like the original, AND it was very yummy.

All in all a very fun and festive party. You can check out more pics of my holidays on Flickr.

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  1. Ashfae permalink
    March 3, 2014 1:06 pm

    I love all of this so much. Especially the white feather tree. No, maybe the tree decorations you made, which I should absolutely do myself. SO MUCH AWESOME.

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