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February 7, 2014

We moved into the new apartment a little over a year ago. And as you’d expect, we’re still not completely done decorating it to our liking.

We got to that “80% done” stage and decided to stop for a while, and then it was 2014.

Not that any of the rooms are unusable; we’ve had a number of friends use our guest room, and hosted quite a few parties last year. We actually had a New Years Eve party to ring in 2013, 2 weeks after moving it. It was a “bring your own chair party,” since we had tables, dishes, beds, but no seating aside from a few folding chairs.

I wish I had taken more “before” photos when we first moved in, but here’s some snapshots of the apartment over the course of 2013.

bedroom empty

Two of the three windows in our bedroom! We’ve since put up some sheer ruffly curtains, but I’ve decided they’re a bit too frilly for our bedroom. And, you know, sheer. I don’t mind keeping the blinds down behind the curtains to block out the light when it’s bedtime, but they’re an off-white to match the (original color of the) walls, so you can still see these yellowish blinds behind the curtains. Boo.

We’ll move them into the guest room once our replacements come in. Still not sure if Curtains: Round Two will be a winner or not, but we’ll see.

Living Room empty

A view from the dining room, into the living room. Yes, a dining room! Now with a dining table and everything! It also makes a very nice gaming table; we found a nice one off of craigslist that has a butterfly leaf, which may be smaller but is so much easier than inserting a leaf (and where do you store it for the rest of the time??).

kitchen empty

Our kitchen. I like the green tile, it’s cute, but that linoleum is sad. It shows every crumb and stain, and is even discolored in spots. Even after mopping, it looks dirty. But, it’s an apartment, so our options are limited. Maybe if it starts to show peeling in the corners we can petition to have it replaced.

main bathroom

Our master bathroom! With blue tile everywhere! And a pink bathtub! Thankfully (SO MUCH THANKS), the toilet and sink aren’t pink to match. The cupboard under the sink has a loose door, which is finally driving me crazy enough that I want to do something about it.

guest bathroom

They saved the rest of the pink for the guest bathroom. And grey. Pink and grey. Why? Why???

When we first looked at the apartment, there wasn’t even a light in that shower. It was like a stand-up coffin. But wetter.

The guest room went through a few stages. I’m still not entirely happy with the furniture arrangement. It’s a lot of leftover stuff we have that’s serviceable, and works, kind of, but it feels haphazard to me.

guest bed

I know, these photos show so little. But here’s the first setup of the guest room. We painted the walls a light green. Our main set of sheets for it is also light green. There’s a lot of green, is what I’m saying. But I dig it. The lighting in there is a little dim, but I’m hoping to move the frilly curtains from the bedroom into there, which will hopefully lighten it up a bit.


Our fabulous couch! Probably the only furniture in the whole apartment that we didn’t buy second-hand or build ourselves. We had this baby custom-made at Furniture Innovation in San Francisco, and it was so worth it. I especially love the ottoman that lines up with the couch; we can use it as a chaise but also separate it to be a chair when we have a few people over.

The coffee table came with me from my old apartment. The surface is in such bad shape, but I love it dearly.


And here’s our pipe and board bookshelf! I’d been drooling over these for a while (so many examples online), and we had the perfect space for it. The huge bookshelves framing it on either side were made by Sean years ago, and we stained them over the course of a couple weeks (it took forever, and we learned a lot about furniture staining). So because our extra room is a spare bedroom, our living room also has our desks. It’s fun to work side-by-side.

Halloween living room

And here’s the living room, all fancied up for Halloween! Still haven’t put curtains up over the blinds.

Halloween living room-2

We have lots of windows, which means lots of ugly blinds. 2014 will be the Year of Finally Putting Up Curtains. Still haven’t found the right curtains, honestly. Floor length? Short? Sheer? Color?

Halloween dining room

I’ve been saving that dining room wall for a special project (which will finally happen this month!) so I had lots of room for decorations. Aren’t these bats amazing? They wrap around the whole room. I stole the idea from this post on MADE, and let me tell you, cutting out all those bats was time-consuming. Like, an evening with wine and many episodes of Hell on Wheels, and later an ice-pack on my hand.

At some point I will get a sweet mid-century-style (because who can afford the real thing?) sideboard for that wall. Can’t wait to free up space in the kitchen cabinets and store all my serving dishes in here.

That little bar with the wine bottles? Sure, it holds bottles, that’s great, but it’s soooo small. Sean brought it with him from his last apartment, which had a tiny kitchen, so it was perfect, but not here.


We have never used this fireplace. Not once! And definitely not over Christmas, since I put up this pine and maple leaf garland that quickly dried out to quite a fire hazard. We had some major wind-storms so there were all these great fresh branches just laying around outside, I grabbed a few arm-fulls and wired them together. It’s hanging off stocking hooks. Inspired by this post on Little Green Notebook.

That’s all I have for now. To recap, here are the plans for 2014:

  • paint the dining room
  • hang new art in dining room
  • find sweet sideboard
  • paint the living room (except the wall with the shelves, because I am not dismantling that. Ever. In hindsight, yes, we should have painted before we did anything else, but we didn’t, so here we are.
  • new curtains, new curtains everywhere!
  • new dresser in bedroom
  • figure out what’s not working with the guest room and fix it
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